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 Sununu & the Radical Right
are WRONG for NH 

The Issue: Be careful who you vote for! The current GOP is not your grandfather’s party. The New Hampshire Republican Party and its majority legislature have been taken over by the radical right - Christian extremists who wish to force their own beliefs on all Granite Staters and Free Staters and other Libertarian extremists. All are being enabled by Governor Sununu who repeatedly signs their extremist legislation into law. Check their policies and make sure you know candidates' stances, backgrounds, and positions!

In New Hampshire, the choice for voters at the state level is becoming a referendum, on whether or not mainstream voters support a GOP increasingly taken over by the Free State Project.

The 2022 NH legislative session setback progress on public education, separation of church and state, reproductive freedom, sensible gun laws, climate action, advancements in renewable energy, and more. The GOP’s success in passing bills that restrict rights and freedoms and undermine the Common Good is causing red warning lights to flash. On November 8th, state elections will determine whether this trend continues or we return to the more moderate government that New Hampshire deserves. 


Vote for Democrats! Bring balance back to New Hampshire. Democrats support:

  • Reproductive freedom. With the current ruling by the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the future of reproductive rights is literally at the discretion of the legislature. 

  • Adequately funded public schools with our tax dollars supporting community schools for all children.

  • Climate action and investments in renewable energy to help protect our environment and rein in rising energy costs.

  • Free and fair elections.

  • Common sense gun safety reform.

  • Continued Social Security benefits.

  • Clean air and water.

  • Tackling some of the highest property taxes in the country.


  • What is the Free State Project? 

    • A decade ago, the ultra-extreme Free State Project chose New Hampshire - with its low taxes, easy entry into politics, and “Live Free or Die” motto - with a plan to relocate 20,000 libertarians to create their libertarian utopia.

    • The stated goal of the project has been to use their numbers in our small state to dramatically change New Hampshire and take over and dismantle the state government. 

    • Fewer than 6,500 have arrived so far, but they have made inroads politically, everywhere from school boards to the state legislature, and are clearly shaking things up.

    • The Free State Project even threatens to secede from the rest of the country once it meets its initial goals. 

    • Based on NH Liberty Alliance's candidate endorsements, 72% of House Republicans are aligned with Free Staters or their Libertarian allies - with 25 Free Staters in elected office at the State House right now. 

  • Free State want to destroy the New Hampshire way of life and are working to dismantle one New Hampshire institution after another. 

  • Though Libertarians, the Free Staters typically run as Republicans and are working as a coalition with the NH GOP and Christian extremists in the party to build power blocks to maintain a slim majority in the state legislature. They have worked together to make New Hampshire totally unrecognizable in less than 2 years. We must vote them out!

  • In his July 13, 2022, Union Leader Op-ed, House Majority Leader and Free Stater Jason Osborne showed his cards. “One of our main objectives in the coming term is to increase choice, transparency and efficiency in our school system.” To his cohorts this means ban books, restrict teachers, and loot school budgets. He continues, “[we will] build responsible state budgets, minimize tax burdens, and promote pro-jobs and pro-economy policies.”  These are code words for stripping budgets to reduce services and employees; repealing regulations, like laws protecting your drinking water; and shifting costs to residents, who will be forced to pay unregulated market prices for services NH currently provides.  However, don’t look for restrictions on women’s rights to go away as these maintain the Free State/Radical Right alliance.

  • Attempt at Secession from the United States: In March 2022, thirteen New Hampshire GOP State Representatives voted in favor of CACR32, a state constitutional amendment to have the state of New Hampshire secede from the United States of America. CACR32, part of the so-called “national divorce” movement, was supported by NH Free Staters, as well as other far right fringe groups and backed by dark money interests like the Koch Brothers. This constitutional amendment would have rendered the state ineligible for all federal aid and programs. Voting to Leave the United States is as un-American as it gets, yet that’s just what some NH GOP lawmakers attempted to do. NH Republicans’ vote to secede from the United States could have caused untold, catastrophic consequences for the people of New Hampshire.

  • According to the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, 62 members of the NH legislature are members of far-right extremist groups. This is the highest of any state. 

  • Croydon’s school budget was cut over 50% by a Free Stater’s surprise motion at a poorly attended Town Meeting. Fortnately, town residents were able to rally and restored the budget in a special meeting.

  • Gunstock Mountain Resort was forced to shut down last month for 2 weeks after management and staff quit en masse. Free Staters, who are Republican legislators and county commissioners, were trying to push for privatizing the Belknap County owned property.

  • Free Staters are the group responsible for blocking $27 million in federal vaccine funding last year via storming and disrupting Executive Council meetings.

"In my view, the governor is barely holding on to his party in the lower chamber, and some of the crazy things they have tried to pull have damaged his reputation in the state.” - Linda Fowler, Professor emirata of Government at Dartmouth College about the negative impact of the Free Staters.

Know who you are voting for!

Free State Project (FSP) Fast Facts

  • FSP is a tax-exempt nonprofit, not a political party. But Free Staters are very much involved in politics, running for local and state offices here in New Hampshire, usually as Republicans, and on rare occasions as Democrats to get on ballots.

  • 2001: At age 24, Jason Sorens founded FSP while pursuing his Ph.D. at Yale. Now he’s Director, Center for Ethics and Society at St. Anselm College.

  • 2001-present: Koch family oil magnates funded FSP start-up, and Koch’s Americans for Prosperity partners with FSP to push common agendas.

  • 2003: FSP chose NH as its Libertarian Utopia. Wyoming came in 2nd.

  • 2004: 1st Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest), annual weeklong party held at White Mountains campground (aka Burning Man with guns and Bitcoin Heaven on Earth).

  • 2016: FSP reached a goal of 20,000 pledges by extreme Libertarians to move to NH.

  • 2020: Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling’s book, A Libertarian Walks into a Bear, shares the story of Grafton, NH’s Free State takeover and demise of the town. Great read!

  • 2022: Approximately 6,232 Free Staters have moved to NH

  • 2022: Rindge Rep. Matthew Santonastaso was one of 13 Free Staters to sponsor a bill and vote for NH to secede from the US.

  • 2022: 25 Free Staters are in the NH legislature plus 151 Republicans endorsed by the NH Liberty Alliance (NHLA), including House Majority Leader Jason Osborne. 10 out of 22 serve as committee chairs.

  • 2022: Croydon’s school budget was cut over 50% by a Free Stater’s surprise motion at a poorly attended Town Meeting. Residents restored the budget in a special meeting.

  • Hope Damien of Croydon and 1st time House candidate states, “This is not a fringe group anymore … we have to work vigorously for people who value democracy for the common good.” Know who you are voting for on November 8th!

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