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Worried about Property Taxes? 
Blame Sununu!

The Issue: Under Sununu and Republican legislative leadership, New Hampshire property owners face the 3rd highest property taxes in the country, and for many of us our property taxes bills are only going higher! Not only does Republican leadership not have a plan to address rising property taxes in the state, their policies are increasingly shifting more of the tax burden to homeowners by draining money from our public schools for the most expensive voucher program in the country. Meanwhile, corporations received yet another tax cut this year from the NH GOP. 

Watch this video to learn about how the Republican's school voucher program negatively impacts your property taxes while siphoning money from communities' public schools.










Vote for Democrats! NH deserves better. Vote for change and protect your wallet. By voting in leaders who put people over profit, and work for best interests of all Granite Staters, we can make sure that corporations who have done well in New Hampshire do right by New Hampshire. We need to provide direct relief to cities and towns so they can lower property taxes. We don't need an income tax or a sales tax to do that; we just need to stop giving handouts to out-of-state corporations and ensure our tax dollars support public schools in our communities benefitting all our children.



  • The radical right controlling our state government has siphoned resources from our communities and classrooms, sending them to out-of-state corporations, and private and religious schools. Then, they claim that we don’t have enough money to pay for the things we need. 

  • Instead of listening to Granite Staters, Republicans and radical right extremists in the State House would rather:

    • Lower the state’s business profits tax 0.1%—the 5th decrease since 2016. (HB1221)

    • Remove consumer protections and safeguards. (HB1503)

    • Put NH’s bridges, parks, roads, and buildings up for sale. (HB1189)

    • Dismantle public education by siphoning funding away from public schools and into private and religious schools. The structure of the voucher program and mismanagement of the rollout has resulted in this bill being 5,000% over budget in its first year. (HB2)

    • Extend the reckless, bloated voucher scheme to wealthy NH families by raising income eligibility levels. (HB1298)

Property tax relief should mean more than a campaign promise. It should mean policies that carry forward for more than one year to ensure that when tax bills go down, they stay down. It should mean prioritizing Granite Staters over large corporate interests.

- State Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D), Nashua

Read more from State Senator Cindy Rosenwald on the impact of New Hampshire Republicans’ tax cuts for the wealthy and out-of-state corporations here:

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